Supply Chain Optimization

Supply Chain Optimization consists in the performances result maximization. The real challenge is to gain simultaneously all dimensions of the target: service level, forecast accuracy, immobilized stock and cost-to-serve.

The competitive environment is increasingly complex and characterized by scarce resources: it requires a new approach to supply chain management, oriented to operational excellence and the improvement of financial results.

Value generation guides our actions, performed with an effective methodology, proven in multinational compaines (eg Benetton and Luxottica). Thanks to our frameworks and advanced tools for analysis and decision-support, we help our Customer from the assessment phase to the design and deployment of the planning model for each segment (product / channel / market / customer).

We make a simple and powerful valuable proposal to our customers, which concretely results in the improvement of service level up to +10-15%, reduction in returns and obsolete by 10-30%, stock reduction by 10-20%.