Startup and New Business Development

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Henry Ford

Startup are usually innovative and characterized by good ideas but their Business models are often weak both in the phase of design and of execution. Young entrepreneurs often exhibit an “immature” management profile though they demonstrate outstanding technical or relational skills.

Every profitable investment starts from a good analysis: if only 2 startups out of 10 are successful, this is also due to the difficulty of simultaneously analyze all the various and diverse aspects that allow to develop a new and innovative business model. Carpe Diem’s model is called ‘One stop shop’: transversal and complementary skills that help the customer to realize his business idea quickly and nimbly.

Our approach is to disassemble and reassemble in lego-like mode the assumptions of the business case, starting from a market perspective, through the validation or development of value proposition, the definition of competitive strategy, the asset solidity check and intellectual property and the research for business partners, both industrial and financial. When we trust in the business plan we adopt fee for equity models.