Performance Management

If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It. This Mantra by Kaplan of the 90’s is still very useful for continuous improvement and incremental innovations, but it seems quite limited in the distuptive innovations where traditional finiancial-metrics are not sufficient anymore. New tools and skills are needed, as for example real options that integrates previous ones.

Carpe Diem stands out for the adoption of ESAEDRO’s 6 perspectives – evolution of Balance Scorecard e Prism: Customers, Processes, Innovation, Human Resources, Financial and intangibles Economics, level of Digital Business Transormation.

Digital Metrics are very different both for their intangible nature and for their maturity level, but they are acquiring much more importance in the bimodal process of approaching Digital Innovation and/or generating New Business Models.

High level business performance are achieved only with excellent contributions from People. Human factor is even more important: new skills, competences and professional profiles are emerging and companies can not exclude them anymore.

In this context Carpe Diem has both a strong traditional analytical expertise and the knowledge of the most advanced metrics. In this way we can guide the customer in identifying the most significant variables for a correct and complete performances evaluation and management.