In the italian landscape of Small and Medium Enterprises the motto “small is beautiful” has been almost overcome. The key to transform the growth into an opportunity is reaching an adequate dimension and turnover, in autonomy or through commercials and corporate partnerships (when the resources are not already available within the Company). SME are facing different difficulties: cultural boundaries, lack of management skills, insufficient international-marketing expertises, few digital skills, etc…

Carpe Diem together with his qualified network supports the Customer with end-to-end solutions: from the assessment of the readiness for an internationalization process to the selection of the more attractive and profitable markets, the setting of the value proposition for the different market-segments,  the definition of the best go-to-market strategy – including digital opportunities –, the economic and financial evaluation of the initiative and the Business Plan praparation.

Carpe Diem simplify the internalization process: provides a tailor-made turnkey service, characterized by the speed of execution and a solid approach that let you significantly reduce the risk inherent in any operation abroad.