Change Management

“No man can become rich without himself enriching others.”

Andrew Carnegie

Often we hear about Change. The concept is not entirely new … Heraclitus (about 540-480 bc) already spoke about it. “Change is the only thing that doesn’t vary”.

The Discussion today is focused not on the if but on how to Change. The digital and globalization have modified the nature of the change, making it complex, uncertain and multidisciplinary.

The digital ecosystem defines new mindset, new ways of collaboration, it generates and destroys at an accelerated beat every form of expertise and profession, transforming as in an alternating current threats into opportunities, and vice versa.

Method and Psychology combined with leadership and coaching are the ingredients for the recipe of a successful change to adapt case by case with flexible thinking.

Carpe Diem supports the end-to-end change process with its international network: starting from the audit, to the planning, the deployment and performance management. During the deployment we follow three progressive steps, according to an effective and flexible methodology: unfreezing of the situation, moving to the desired direction and consolidation of the new situation and to start again the transformation cycle.